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New Art Centre
T: +44 (0)1980 862244

Sea Music, for website.jpg
Sea Music:
Anthony Caro

£12.95 + p&p

JH book cover for website.jpg
John Hubbard:
Remaking Landscape

Published by Unicorn Press
£30 + p&p

Meet Barbara.jpg
Meet Barbara Hepworth
by Laura Carlin

Published by Tate,
Roche Court
£6 + p&p

Ian Stephenson.jpg
Ian Stephenson
Published by the New Art Centre,
Roche Court
£17 + p&p

Hepworth Pictorial Autobiography.jpg
Barbara Hepworth
A Pictorial Autobiography

£15 + p&p

Hepworth The Plasters.jpg
Barbara Hepworth
The Plasters

£20 + p&p

de Waal The White Road.jpg
Edmund de Waal
The White Road: a pilgrimage of sorts

£10 + p&p

de Waal Phaidon.jpg
Edmund de Waal: A Potter Who Writes
Phaidon monograph
£45 + p&p

Edmund de Waal, The Hare with Amber Eyes.jpg
Edmund de Waal
The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance

£9 + p&p

Shawcross The Steady States.jpg
Conrad Shawcross
The Steady States

£10 + p&p

Christopher Le Brun.jpg
Christopher Le Brun
Published by Booth-Clibborn
£50 + p&p

Toby Ziegler, From the Assumption of the virgin to Widow Orphan Control.jpg
Toby Ziegler
From the Assumption of the Virgin to Widow/Orphan Control

Published by Koenig Books / Simon Lee Gallery
£30 + p&p

Laura Ford, Sculpture at Strawberry Hill.jpg
Sculpture by Laura Ford
Published by the New Art Centre, Roche Court
£12 + p&p

Stephen Marshall Architect.jpg
Steven Marshall Architect
By Colin Amery
£20 + p&p

Darren Almond Full Moon.jpg
Darren Almond: Full Moon
Published by Taschen
£45 + p&p

Caro Flats.jpg
Anthony Caro

£8 + p&p

Fernando Casaempere
Out of Sync

£150 + p&p

Gavin Turk, Prestel Book.jpg
Gavin Turk
Dr. Judith Collins
Published by Prestel
£45 + p&p

This is not a book about Gavin Turk.jpg
This is not a book about
Gavin Turk

Edited by Rachel Newsome
Published by Trolley Books
£15 + p&p

Nicholas Pope Ridinghouse.jpg
Nicholas Pope
Published by Ridinghouse
£25 + p&p

Johannes Nagel, Signigicant Signatures.jpg
Johannes Nagel
Significant Signatures

Presented by Michael Freitag
£15 + p&p

Johannes Nagel, Catalogue for Jurgen Ponto.jpg
Johannes Nagel
£10 + p&p

Laura Ellen Bacon, Into the Weave.jpg
Laura Ellen Bacon
Into the Weave

Published by University of Derby
£5 + p&p

Within the landscape NAC.jpg
Within the Landscape
£10 + p&p

Toby Xiegler, anticlimax.jpg
Toby Ziegler

Published by Simon Lee Gallery
£20 + p&p

Spirit of Trees, Charcoal drawings by John Hubbard.jpg
Spirit of Trees
Charcoal Drawings 1980-2005 by John Hubbard

Essay by Andrew Lambirth
£15 + p&p