Tessa Traeger
Malgorzata Bany

23 Nov 2019 – 19 Jan 2020

New Art Centre is delighted to announce an exhibition of works by photographer Tessa Traeger to coincide with the launch of her new publication, Wild World. The exhibition and book are a selection of Traeger's intimate portraits of North Devon.
Using a large format camera, Traeger's imagery is supported by text she has written herself; the artist's commitment to capturing each moment is followed by her researching her chosen objects meticulously. The work carefully chronicled over several years is now documented and chaptered in both the exhibition and in print.

Wild World showcases the artists' "joy in the solitude of dusk, deep in the woods" whilst highlighting naturally occurring forms and patterns in the secluded North Devon countryside Traeger finds solace.

Malgorzata Bany presents objects made from resin-based material Jesmonite specially conceived for the Design House, New Art Centre. Following the functional requirements when producing useable objects, Bany prefers to focus on the volume and weight of the finished piece stating, "If you consider that a table needs something flat, or a bowl needs something concave, starting from these principles you can build on top of that. Sometimes thinking this way around is more interesting."

The result are pieces that relate to how we instinctively interact with objects. The handmade ergonomically designed works are balanced with Bany's interest in vessels and formations found in the wild. Exploring human nature and relationships as they do the natural world.

Taking inspiration from nature, both Traeger and Bany capture organically formed shapes in their chosen mediums. By using a monochrome palette, both artists focus on light and dark as well as negative and positive space to timelessly explore the beauty in our surroundings.

Tessa Traeger, Storm Forced Trees No. 9
Malgorzata Bany