Gavin Turk: We Are One

Jacques Limousin: Wessex Mudlark

Vicken Parsons: Fourth Wall

Bridget Riley: a new painting in the orangery

Toby Ziegler: new sculpture in the gallery

Design Show: curated by Sarah Griffin

Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow: On the Rocks...Again

Kim Lim: Carvings

David Batchelor: Concretos


Nicholas Pope: Works and Days

Merlyn Evans: The Life of Forms

Eva Rothschild: New Sculpture

Clare Woods: New Painting

Just what is is that makes today homes so different, so appealing?: curated by Eva Rothschild and Clare Woods)

Sarah Pickstone: The Writers Series

Eileen Hogan: Vacant Possession

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Selected Works

Edmund de Waal: unconnected thoughts on gardening


Keith Coventry: Black Bronze, White Slaves

Graham Gussin: in and out, back and forth

Sir Anthony Caro: New Reliefs and Standing Sculpture

John Hubbard: Paintings from the 1960s

the nature of things: Laura Ellen Bacon, Jennifer Lee and Hans Stofer (curated by Sarah Griffin)


Victor Pasmore: From Constructions to Spray Paint

Alison Wilding: How the Land Lies

Michael Craig-Martin: New Painting and Sculpture

Fernando Casasempere: Bricks and Mortar

The Hepworth Wakefield: A Celebration

Backbone: Modern British Sculptors

Peter Frie: Last Summer


Edmund de Waal: night works

Antony Caro: jewellery

Camilla Løw: Culture & Leisure

Christopher Le Brun: The Distance

Liadin Cooke: holden

Let There Be Sculpture!: (in collaboration with the Hannah Barry Gallery)

Richard Deacon: The Inside

A Group Design Show: (curated by Sarah Griffin)

Gary Hume: New Works


Sarah Staton: Prunes, Potatoes, Pears and Prisms

Nina Saunders: Katy's Convoy

Hubert Dalwood: Landscape into Sculpture

Kenny Hunter: More Light, More Shadows

Barry Flanagan: Hare Coursed


Laura Ford: New Work

Georgie Hopton: The Three Cornered Hat

New Generation Revisited

Poets Riddles in Stones

Peter Randall-Page: Stone, Sunlight & Shadows: New Sculpture in the Woods

Clare Woods: The Prospect

Inside / Outside: Celebrating 10 years of the gallery space at Roche Court


Phyllida Barlow

Marion Coutts

Anthony Caro & Sheila Girling

Orinoco: Richard Deacon & David Ward

The Long View: curated by Joanna Pitman

Edmund de Waal, Garry Fabian Miller and Michael Kenna


Please close the gate: painted sculpture at Roche Court (curated by Penelope Curtis)

Michael Craig-Martin

Lisa Milroy

Stephenie Bergman

Vicken Parsons

Still Life


Anne Madden

New Sculpture from Ireland

Kenneth Armitage

Jane Simpson

Ian Stephenson

Henry Moore Tapestries

Nina Saunders


New Shared Sculpture: Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon

Domestic (f)utility

William Pye

Edmund de Waal

Graham Murrell

Paul Winstanley

Gary Breeze


Barbara Hepworth Centenary

This was Tomorrow: curated by Penelope Curtis

Gavin Turk

David Nash

John Golding

Zebedee Jones


Gary Breeze

Peter Frie

Richard Long

John Hubbard