Simon Gales

Simon Gales studied at Ipswich School of Art (1983-1985) and Goldsmiths College (1985-1988).

His work can be found in the following collections: Art for the Underground, London Underground; The Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum Of Childhood, London; London Transport Collection; The Robert Holmes À Court Collection, Perth, Australia; and The Ipswich Collection, Colchester and Ipswich Museums.

Of his own work, Simon Gales has said:

'I wanted to extend the work across the surrounding wall so that it becomes an integral part of it and therefore physically support the visual deception centered on shifting weight/mass, and space and the sense of precariousness expressed within it. I also wanted to create not just a physical projection of the piece into the space of the viewer but also a reversal to this process in the form of a niche or window to draw the spectator in from here to there, to something beyond. If you like, these paintings that are aimed to heighten tension within the spectator are of essentially nothing; creating an almost 'Beckettian' value to the work.'