Keith Coventry

(1958 -)
Keith Coventry is known primarily as a painter but he has worked in bronze throughout his career. The first exhibition of his sculpture was held at the New Art Centre in 2012.

Coventry combines an interest in social issue and urban depravation with humour and a fascination for history of art as well as a further belief in the restorative powers of art. Whilst he observes the times in which we live and explores aspects of loss, low life and urban decay, Coventry's work does not exude completely a sense of foreboding and menace. Instead his bronzes bring a dignity to broken images and will re-empower things which have been damaged, overlooked or removed.

Keith Coventry lives and works in London. He attended Brighton Polytechnic and the Chelsea School of Art. His work featured in 'Sensation' at the Royal Academy in 1997 and numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world. Coventry's works are held in major public collections including Tate and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.