Johannes Nagel

The New Art Centre held Johannes Nagel's first solo exhibition 'Vessels, Perhaps' in the Artists House, from 14 February - 22 March 2015. It included ceramics from his 'Improvisorium' series and the 'NEW JAZZ/Isolator Series'. Prior to this exhibition, Nagel showed at Roche Court in 2014 in the Design Show curated by Sarah Griffin. She describes perfectly the experimental nature of Nagel's ceramics: 'Nagel reverses the axiom that form has to follow function, letting spontaneity and inaccuracy of method determine the outcome of each pot'.

Of his own work, Johannes Nagel has written:

The subject of my work specifically is the improvised and provisional. The objects are finished in that the porcelain is painted (glazed) and fired. Most objects are somehow vessels, pots. What else are they? The attempt to confuse the connotations that technology and material provoke. At times constructive composing, at times wilful destruction, sometimes vases, sometimes fragments or alienated objects. Improvised are the handling of the material and the methods of creating volume and shape - sawed, dug out, stacked, found or painted on. The joints and fissures, the blots of colour and unfinished painting appear provisional as they point from the finished object to the instant of making. It is not the perfection of the ultimate expression that is intended but to verbalize a concept of the evolution of things.

What sort of a function do vessels have today? What may they contain? I hardly ever thought of flowers.