Eva Rothschild

Eva Rothschild has achieved international acclaim for her practice which involves both conceptual and socio-political ideas alongside traditional approaches to making sculpture. One of the most highly regarded artists of her generation, for more than ten years Rothschild has investigated concepts of form and materiality in sculptural works that use leather, wood, Perspex and, occasionally, surprising objects such as incense sticks and used tyres. Such materials often appear to transcend their physical limitations, hovering between representation, symbolism and actual form. Colour also has a major role in her work, and situates her practice somewhere between sculpture and painting. Her use of day-glo paint in 'Someone and someone' is a joyous example of the way in which she uses colour to great optical effect - it both incises the work onto the landscape and into the viewer's visual memory.

Rothschild was born in Dublin. She studied at the University of Ulster, Belfast and at Goldsmiths' College, London. She has exhibited widely, including the monumental 'Cold Corners' in the Duveen Galleries of Tate Britain. In 2011, her Hot Touch exhibition was shown in the new contemporary galleries at The Hepworth Wakefield, designed by Sir David Chipperfield.

In May 2013, she had an exhibition in the Gallery at Roche Court with Clare Woods.

Eva Rothschild's solo exhibition 'Alternative to Power' was on show at The New Art Gallery Walsall from 24 September 2016 - 15 January 2017, featuring a new body of work and specially commissioned pieces.