Camilla Løw

Løw's work is articulated through an industrial and minimalist rubric; in her own words, the works 'investigate what might be seen as traditional sculptural or architectonic concerns with form, space, rhythm, tension, balance and the properties of materials'. Their naming, playful and often poetic, at odds with the prefabricated materials from which they are constructed, parallels the sense of an object almost, though never entirely, anthropomorphic in scale and presence. Low lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Løw, who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2001 has enjoyed successful solo shows at Gallery AHO, Oslo (2009), Sutton Lane, London (2008); Dundee Contemporary Arts (2008); Pier Art Centre, Orkney (2008); Elastic Gallery, Malmo (2007); Sutton Lane, Paris (2006) and John Henley Gallery, San Francisco (2005). Also Group Exhibitions for the Carnegie Art Award 2010; New Art Centre, Roche Court and Antewrp Museum of Contemporary Art, Almine Rech, Brussels.

Løw's solo show 'Culture & Leisure' was at the New Art Centre 27 November 2010 - 30 January 2011