Anthony Caro: Sea Music

Sea Music by Anthony Caro is the only site specific, public sculpture in the UK by one of Britain's greatest sculptors. It was commissioned at the invitation of then Borough architect Tom Roberts, and given by Caro to the people of Poole; 'Sea Music' was made by Dorset businesses donating time, materials and expertise and involved no public money at all.

'Sea Music', situated on Poole Quay, is now twenty-five years old; it was unveiled by Lord Palumbo (former Chairman of the Arts Council) on 22 November 1991. Exposure to the seaside environment meant that the sculpture was in urgent need of repair. This vital conservation work has now been completed, with the sculpture unveiled on Saturday 13 May 2017. The conserved sculpture was once again opened by Lord Palumbo, along with a 'Fanfare for Caro' written by composer Jim Aitchison. This was followed by the world premiere of Jim Aitchison's 'Sea of Music' at The Guildhall, performed by the new music ensemble of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Kokoro, an event which was live streamed.

This project sought not only to preserve 'Sea Music' for future generations of residents in Poole, as well as the many thousands of tourists who visit and enjoy it, but will also guarantee its reputation as a major example of public sculpture of global significance by one of the most highly regarded sculptors of his generation. The project received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The HLF admired particularly the aims of the community engagement programme, which has already begun with local schools, and the fact that the restoration of 'Sea Music' is part of the overall regeneration of Poole.

Poole Museum
13 May 2017 - 15 October 2017
'Concerto Series' sculptures by Anthony Caro and
'One Hundred Views of Sea Music' photographs by David Ward

Caro's 'Slow March' sculpture will sit outside on Poole Museum's terrace for the duration of the exhibition and a book dedicated to 'Sea Music' has been published by Ridinghouse.

A series of talks and events will continue to take place throughout the exhibitions, which will continue until January 2018.

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Anthony Caro, Sea Music