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John Hubbard: The Moroccan Paintings

Johannes Nagel: Vessels, perhaps

John Pfahl: Métamorphoses de la Terre


Gavin Turk: We Are One

Vicken Parsons: Fourth Wall

Jacques Limousin: Wessex Mudlark

Bridget Riley:
a new painting in the orangery

Toby Ziegler:
new sculpture in the gallery

Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow:
On the Rocks. Again

Design Show (curated by Sarah Griffin)

Kim Lim: Carvings

David Batchelor: Concretos


Nicholas Pope: Works and Days

Merlyn Evans: The Life of Forms

Eva Rothschild: New Sculpture
and Clare Woods: New Painting

'Just what is is that makes today homes
so different, so appealing?' (curated by
Eva Rothschild and Clare Woods)

Sarah Pickstone: The Writers Series

Eileen Hogan: Vacant Possession

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Selected Works

Edmund de Waal: unconnected thoughts
on gardening


Keith Coventry: Black Bronze, White Slaves

Graham Gussin: in and out, back and forth

Sir Anthony Caro: New Reliefs and
Standing Sculpture

John Hubbard: Paintings from the 1960s

the nature of things: Laura Ellen Bacon,
Jennifer Lee and Hans Stofer
(curated by Sarah Griffin)


Victor Pasmore: From Constructions
to Spray Paint

Alison Wilding: How the Land Lies

Michael Craig-Martin: New Painting
and Sculpture

Fernando Casasempere: Bricks and Mortar

The Hepworth Wakefield: A Celebration

Backbone: Modern British Sculptors

Peter Frie: Last Summer


Edmund de Waal: night works

Antony Caro: jewellery

Camilla Løw: Culture & Leisure

Christopher Le Brun: The Distance

New Painting and Sculpture

Liadin Cooke: holden

Let There Be Sculpture!
(in collaboration with the
Hannah Barry Gallery)

Richard Deacon: The Inside

A Group Design Show
(curated by Sarah Griffin)

Gary Hume: New Works


Sarah Staton : Prunes, Potatoes,
Pears and Prisms

Nina Saunders : Katy's Convoy

Hubert Dalwood : Landscape into Sculpture

Kenny Hunter : More Light, More Shadows

Barry Flanagan : Hare Coursed



Laura Ford: New Work

Georgie Hopton: The Three Cornered Hat

New Generation Revisited

Poets Riddles in Stones

Peter Randall-Page Stone, Sunlight & Shadows:
New Sculpture in the Woods

Clare Woods: The Prospect

Inside / Outside
Celebrating 10 years of the
gallery space at Roche Court


Phyllida Barlow

Marion Coutts

Anthony Caro & Sheila Girling

Orinoco Richard Deacon & David Ward

The Long View curated by Joanna Pitman.

Edmund de Waal, Garry Fabian Miller
and Michael Kenna


Please close the gate: painted
sculpture at Roche Court
(curated by Penelope Curtis)

Michael Craig-Martin

Lisa Milroy

Stephenie Bergman

Vicken Parsons

Still Life


Anne Madden

New Sculpture from Ireland

Kenneth Armitage

Jane Simpson

Ian Stephenson

Henry Moore Tapestries

Nina Saunders


New Shared Sculpture by Bill Woodrow
and Richard Deacon

Domestic (f)utility

William Pye

Edmund de Waal

Graham Murrell

Paul Winstanley

Gary Breeze


Barbara Hepworth Centenary

This was Tomorrow
(curated by Penelope Curtis)

Gavin Turk

David Nash

John Golding

Zebedee Jones


Gary Breeze

Peter Frie

Richard Long

John Hubbard