Joanna Still

Joanna Still studied at Harrow School of Art where her tutors included Walter Keeler, Richard Slee and Michael Casson.

The vessels have been made by hand on a potter's wheel. When 'leather hard' they are burnished with a small stone to create a sealed surface. When completely dry a fine clay 'slip' is applied and polished with a soft cloth to induce a sheen. No glaze is used. The pieces are then fired to a temperature of 950 degrees centigrade and when cool are wrapped in in various dry plant materials with sawdust and wood shavings and buried in a kiln chamber. This is lit from above and burns slowly down over several hours, creating a smoke filled environment which affects the pieces in unusual ways, leaving some areas deeply carbonised, others with ambiguous traces of plant imprints or smoke shadows. Because the works are not glazed, they are not waterproof.

She lives and works in Wiltshire.